Monday, May 3, 2010

4 Types of Cyclists in PDX

When you think of bicyclists in Portland you may get an image of an ultrafit cyclist streaking by in tight bicycle shorts but this is no longer the typical PDX bike rider. The City of Portland Transportation Office has identified 4 Types of cyclists in Portland.

Strong & Fearless - 1%

Cyclists who will ride in any weather and under any conditions. These only make up 1% of Portland Residents.

Enthused and Confident - 7%
These riders have been prompted by the bicycled road improvements enacted by the city of Portland. They will share roadway with cars, but prefer to have their own facilities. This group makes up 7% of Portland residents.

Interested but Concerned - 60%
These are the casual bicyclists who would be interested in commuting by bike if they didn't have to share the road with cars. These cyclists make up 60% of Portland!

No Way No How - 33%

There are about 33% of Portland's population who are not currently interested in bicycle travel.

New Portland Bikeways

Bicycle ridership has dramatically increased in Portland in the past ten years because of city efforts to address the issues of our 60% of riders who are not fearless! Our community has constructed many beautiful bikeways just for us, the average rider.

PDF of "Four Types of Cyclists" by Portland Oregon Transportation

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