Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fish Bike

This fish bike swam through the Portland Sunday Parkways route.

Sol Pops so cool!

The Sol Pops guy was parked near our Sunday Parkways booth. The organic sustainable local fruit pops were delicious!

Entertainment at the Parkways

Steel Drum Band Guy set up his trike near our booth at the Parkways to play for us.

The best Sunday Parkways ever!

The SE Portland Sunday Parkways was the best ever! The traffic down the lane in front of our booth was "walk your bike" speed. We were blessed to have this lovely shady spot under the tall park trees. So many ladies stopped by to share their bike stories and needs. It was great to be out enjoying the park and connecting with community.

See you at the September Parkways!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Portland Sunday Parkways -May 16 2010

Girly Bikes made their debut at Portland Sunday Parkways in NE. The ladies had a fun ride through the streets and toured the events at the parks. Our booth got a lot of attention as we were the new kids on the block. Here is some of the press attention we received:

Bike Portland Twitter Pic
Our business card was posted on TwitPics by Bike Portland!

Bike Portland Blog
Bike Portland Blog post & pic!

Bike Portland on Twitter
Jonathan Maus from Bike Portland stopped at our Parkways booth and Twittered about us.

Our feed is on UberVu!

Mobius Cycle- Holistic Bicycle Boutique

The full list with pics is here:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Portland Sunday Parkways


Girly Bikes will have a booth at Portland Sunday Parkways!
Come visit us at our booth on May16th 10:00am to 3:00pm.
We will be in Alberta Park near the corner of
NE Ainsworth & NE 19th next the information & volunteer booths.

We will have a Girly Bike Ride (Deco Bike Parade) 11:00am
Women's Do-it-yourself bike maintenance workshop & 1:00pm
Bike Safety Workshop for Women 2:00pm

Portland Sunday Parkways is a neighborhood fair promoted
by the Portland Transportation Department to promote alternative transportation options. Several miles of streets are closed to car traffic and Portland citizens take back our streets. Citizens can walk, skate or bike the route. There are bicycles galore and citizens are on their front lawns to greet their neighbors.


4 Types of Cyclists in PDX

When you think of bicyclists in Portland you may get an image of an ultrafit cyclist streaking by in tight bicycle shorts but this is no longer the typical PDX bike rider. The City of Portland Transportation Office has identified 4 Types of cyclists in Portland.

Strong & Fearless - 1%

Cyclists who will ride in any weather and under any conditions. These only make up 1% of Portland Residents.

Enthused and Confident - 7%
These riders have been prompted by the bicycled road improvements enacted by the city of Portland. They will share roadway with cars, but prefer to have their own facilities. This group makes up 7% of Portland residents.

Interested but Concerned - 60%
These are the casual bicyclists who would be interested in commuting by bike if they didn't have to share the road with cars. These cyclists make up 60% of Portland!

No Way No How - 33%

There are about 33% of Portland's population who are not currently interested in bicycle travel.

New Portland Bikeways

Bicycle ridership has dramatically increased in Portland in the past ten years because of city efforts to address the issues of our 60% of riders who are not fearless! Our community has constructed many beautiful bikeways just for us, the average rider.

PDF of "Four Types of Cyclists" by Portland Oregon Transportation